Stollen is a fruited yeasted bread with marzipan in the centre, traditionally enjoyed in Germany at Christmas that can often be bought at Christmas markets. via Lucy | BakingQueen74

Guess what!? It’s my birthday week! { Yes, I celebrate an entire week!! } So, to kick my week off right I baked an old fashion mo…

3 Egg Sponge Cake – Recipe is made with milk, baking soda, eggs, flour, cream of tartar, butter, sugar, salt |

Spekkoek – Thousand Layer Cake (Lapis Legit)

Spekkoek is a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake. Also known as spekkuk and kue lapis legit or ‘Thousand Layer Cake’ due to the many layers the cake is made of. | Spekkoek Recipe | #spekkoek #recipe

Spanish Wind Cake Recipe – Spanische Windtorte

Spanische Windtorte . Austria . { spanische windtorte . or . spanish wind cake . a famous Austrian dessert . rings of meringue . filled with whipped cream & berries . the Great British Bake Off 2015 . Episode4 . technicalchallenge } .

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Easter simnel cake

Simnel cake was traditionally given by servant girls to their mothers when they returned home on Mothering Sunday.